IRCC Announces New Rules to Support International Students

IRCC Announces New Rules to Support International Students, the Canadian government has taken further actions to support international students, as it is very clear that international students bring so much to Canada and its economy adding more than $21 billion yearly to the Canadian economy and backing the liveliness of Canadian communities.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought countless challenges for international students, and the Canadian government has worked on various measures to support the international students through this problematic time with a range of actions, including providing open work permits for former international students who have all have held a post-graduation work permit. 

As part of the Canadian government’s attempts to help international students, Minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship, Marco Mendicino, yesterday announced additional measures to make sure that international students don’t fail to benefit from opportunities after they graduate because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

With the vision of many international students continuing online learning from out of the country for some more months, temporary modifications to the PGWP program put in place previously in the covid-19 pandemic are being extended and stretched. These rules will help international students by making sure that studies completed outside Canada will be considered towards a future PGWP and by letting international students complete their whole program online from outside the country and still be eligible for a PGWP. The rules apply to all international students who are registered in a PGWP eligible program and fulfill all other PGWP requirements.

The Canadian government has made noteworthy efforts to inspire international students to settle permanently in Canada. They bring robust employment and language skills reinforced by their Canadian education and work experience, so they are normally well placed to apply for permanent resident status. 

Over 58 000 graduates successfully applied to immigrate for good in the year 2019 and their judgments to reside in Canada will assist to address Canada’s severe demographic challenges. 

As Canada tackles the second wave of covid-19 pandemic and plans a course for its retrieval, appealing skilled immigrants is a core part of the Canadian government’s plan. This new rule will assist more graduates to feel persistent needs in sectors like healthcare, technology, and more. Looking forward it will assist even more former international students shape their futures in Canada, contributing in means large and small to Canada’s short-term revival and long-term prosperity. 



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