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Do you want to move to Canada and you don’t know where to start I know how you feel, there are so many options out there about how to come to Canada and sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing so what I’ve done is to layout for you and if then else logic of the options that are available to you and if they are not available to you some recommendations as to how to make them available.

Here are the five ways on How to Apply for Canadian Visa in 2021.

5.The express Entry Program

This is the most popular way and the way most people came to Canada. The Express Entry Program it’s a point-based system, the more points you have the greater chance of you being invited to apply for permanent residency. You can get points for different things such as age, educational background, work experience, English score, etc.

Every month, and sometimes twice a month, a number is chosen by Canadian immigration as the cutoff point. People that reached the required points and above, are invited to apply for a visa.

  • Go to school in Canada
  • After schooling work in Canada for at least a year
  • Make sure you score high in your IELTS English test
  • Work for longer in your home country to gain more foreign experience points. Up to 3 years will give you the maximum points.
  • Work in a skilled, professional, or trades job that you have educational certification for.
How to apply
  • Find out if you’re eligible: Check your eligibility here
  • Get your documents ready
  • Submit your profile
  • Receive an invitation and apply for permanent residence

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is a swift immigration program that allows employers to hire foreign nationals for jobs (they haven’t been able to fill locally) in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

This program is employment driven, you must be employed by a Canadian national for you to be able to qualify for this program. 

How to apply

  • Meet the requirements
  • Get a job offer: When a designated employer offers you a job, they’ll give you an Offer of Employment to a Foreign National from [IMM 5650] (PDF, 1.54 MB). Fill the form and submit the required documents.
  • Get your documents ready
  • Submit your application for permanent residence
  • Apply for a Temporary work permit (optional)

Note: If you applied for permanent residence under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, you may be eligible for a 1-year work permit. The work permit lets you work while your permanent residence application is being processed.


3. Provincial Nominee Program

Provisional nominee program as the name implies is when a province nominates or selects you to move to Canada. It is I like you, you like me and I invite you to come to my province so we can be.

The Provisional nominee program is an option that’s available to you because there are provinces that are trying to build their population trying to build their labor force and people just don’t have enough money for Express Entry.

Each province has its criteria base on what they want. 

In Provincial Nominee program it is the province that determines how you submit your application based on what they are looking for. 

How to apply

How you will apply depends on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you’re applying to. You might need to apply using the paper-based process, or by the online process through Express Entry.

Paper-based process

In the paper-based process:

  • You apply to the province or territory for nomination under a non-Express Entry stream.
  • You need to meet the eligibility requirements of the province that nominates you.
  • Once you have been nominated, you submit a paper application for permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.
  • You have to pass a medical exam and get a police check (certificate). Everyone must have these checks, no matter where you plan to live in Canada.
  • Application processing times are longer than through Express Entry.

How to apply through the paper-based process

Express Entry process

In the online Express Entry process, there are 2 ways to apply:

  • You contact the province or territory and apply for a nomination under an Express Entry stream.

· If the province or territory agrees to nominate you, you create an Express Entry profile (or update your profile if you already have one) and show you have been nominated.


  • You create an Express Entry profile and show the provinces and territories you’re interested in.
  • If a province or territory sends you a “notification of interest” to your account, you contact them directly.
  • You apply to their Express Entry stream: If you’re nominated, the province will offer it to you through your account, and you accept it electronically.

In both cases:

  • You must meet the eligibility requirements of the province or territory. And,
  • You must submit an Express Entry profile and show that you meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry, including being eligible for one of the immigration programs it covers.
  • If you are invited to apply, you submit an electronic application to IRCC.

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2. Family sponsorship 

This applies to someone who has a family member in Canada, It can be a husband, wife, son, daughter, or even cousin. Family sponsorship is a lot easier if it is a spousal sponsorship especially if you have a child.

Your other family members can sponsor you too but there’s a long list of requirements that you each have to meet to be eligible.

How to apply

Step 1: Get the application package

The application package includes the:

Read the guide before you fill in the forms. Make sure you’re eligible to sponsor a relative before you apply. We won’t refund the sponsorship application fee.

Step 2: Pay your application fees

  1. Submit your application

How and which mailing address to send your application is in the instruction guide.

1. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program 

This is a community-driven program. It’s aimed at helping small and remote communities in Canada by creating a path for skilled foreign workers who want to work and live in one of the participating communities. 

How to apply 

There are 4 steps to applying for permanent residence under this pilot.

  1. Check that you meet both
    1. IRCC eligibility requirements and
    2. specific requirements of the community.
  2. Find an eligible job with an employer in one of the participating communities.
  3. Once you have a job offer, submit your application for recommendation to the community.
  4. If a community recommends you, apply for permanent residence.

Each community will also have its own

  • additional eligibility requirements
  • job search process
  • community recommendation application process

This information will be available on its website.


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