Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment is a means to secure second citizenship and passport in another country by investing in its economy. 

This can be accomplished through different types of established investment options including real estate, government bonds, establishing a business, development funds, and more. Some countries have put their citizenship by investment programs to a halt due to the pandemic but the countries mentioned in this article are still accepting the application and are attracting several high net worth individuals from all over the world.

Caribbean countries have captured top spots due to the significant changes they made to their programs, for example, switching to digital processing of applications, Covid discounts, and becoming family-friendly to overcome the pandemic.

Dual citizenship from a small peaceful nation also provides extra peace of mind during times of instability.

Here are the top 10 countries that offer citizenship by investment in 2021. 

10. Dominica 

If you are seeking global mobility for yourself and your family, tax exemptions, and a beautiful place to live or retire the Dominica passport is surely a fantastic asset to have.

Citizenship by Investment

The country offers the cheapest and easiest way to obtain a second citizenship, for a minimum of just $150,000 investment in real estate or government funds you could get yourself and your immediate family second passports, all of these can be achieved in under four months this excludes processing fees, passport application costs, and legal fees. 

You do not need to live in Dominica to obtain a Dominica passport, you just need to pay the application fee and make your investment.

The Dominica passport ranks 37th in the world because it offers exciting visa-free travel to more than 130 countries including the Schengen area in Europe.

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9. Moldova

Strategically positioned with easy access to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, The Republic of Moldova is a modern European country with a picturesque, varied landscape and a world-renowned wine industry.

Citizenship by Investment

Moldova opened new citizenship by investment program last year, it is one of the cheapest citizenship by investment programs in Eastern Europe, it requires a $130,000 one-time contribution in real estate or bank deposit. 

Citizenship by Investment

This program has a processing time of three months with at least six months of residency required in the country. Although not a part of the E.U Moldova is in Europe and offers an alternative to the Caribbean passport programs with residency a potentially attractive option and a passport offering visa-free access to 122 countries.

8. Turkey 

Turkey citizenship by investment is another program to consider for a second passport, however, because it is a predominantly Muslim country you may have to take time to consider how favorable the country would be for you especially if you’re non-Muslim. 

Citizenship by Investment in turkey

Obtaining a Turkish passport costs a minimum of $250,000 and it would require applicants to invest in real estate, local businesses, venture capitalist funds, or government bonds. 

With a Turkish passport, you can access 112 countries visa-free, most of the people who apply for Turkish citizenship through investment programs are from the middle east or Africa. 

On the flip side, political turmoil made the Turkish Lira drop significantly in value against the dollar over the past few years meaning that the $250 000 you’re required to invest will go a lot further now. The best part of Turkey is that the cost of living can be as low as $700 a month.

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7. Malta 

Malta is another country in Europe that can be considered as an E.U citizenship by investment because of the European access attached to the passport. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap to qualify for Malta citizenship by investment program, you’ll have to pay a minimum of $600,000 spread over donations, investments in real estate, stocks, and bonds.

Citizenship by Investment in malta

Malta citizenship program has a very strict due diligence and vetting policy, application refusals are very high they are very careful who they grant citizenship.

The country has a rich Mediterranean culture, yet it is surprisingly well developed, a Maltese passport also guarantees visa-free access to 155 nations across the world.

6. Vanuatu 

Vanuatu is an archipelago located about one thousand miles east of Australia. Its economic citizenship makes the cut as one of the top ten best citizenship by investment programs. 

The application requirement for Vanuatu citizenship by investment is by donation of a minimum amount of $180,000 to the government, this adequately caters to a family of four. Aside from granting a passport that boasts access to 116 countries, it’s also likely the fastest citizenship by investment program in the world.

You are expected to receive your passport in just 45 days. Furthermore, it is the first citizenship by investment country that accepts payment in cryptocurrency.

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5. Montenegro 

Situated on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Montenegro is known for its magnificent and unparalleled natural beauty. Montenegro Citizenship by investment is one of the newest citizenship by investment programs although Montenegro is in Europe it is not a member of the European Union, this is one of the reasons why their citizenship program is a lot cheaper than that of Malta at the moment.

For a minimum of $300,000 spread over donations and real estate investment, you can get your Montenegro passport. 

The value of this program could go higher in the next few years as by 2025 Montenegro is expected to become a member of the European Union. 

The Montenegrin passport grants visa-free access to 111 countries across the world. It is also pretty cheap to live here as you can get by on little more than $1000 a month.

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4. St Lucia 

St Lucia is a tropical eastern Caribbean island boasting a high earning population, impressive safety records as well as swaths of stunning landscapes to soak in.

The St Lucia citizenship by investment program is one of the most competitive ones, the application is also smooth and straightforward with the entire process of citizenship rounded up in just four months.

The current minimum investments for donation to the fund are set at one $100,000 for a single applicant $165,000 for a couple and $190,000 for a family of four.

For real estate, the minimum is set at $200,000 for the main applicant. With a St Lucia passport, you can get visa-free or visa on arrival access to 146 global destinations.

The cost of living in St Lucia is relatively affordable to many as you can get by on around $1200 a month. 

3. Grenada 

Aside from being a beautiful destination, Grenada citizenship by investment may be the most valuable in the Caribbean region because of its easy residency visa opportunity. 

The citizenship by investment program for Grenada is one of the newest programs available to investors.

The Grenada investment visa program provides second citizenship in Grenada and a passport to investors, offering visa-free travel to over 153 countries including the UK, EU Schengen countries, and china.

Applicants need to invest either $150,000 as a donation or $350,000 in a government-approved real estate project and maintain the property investment in Grenada for at least a year. 

When applying for this program children and parents as well as unmarried siblings can be included under one application.

2. Saint Kitts and Nevis

The government of Saint Kitts and Nevis has long-running citizenship by investment program attracting foreigners who make a substantial contribution to the development of the country. 

The government of Saint Kitts and Nevis requires an investment of either a minimum donation of $150,000 to the sustainable growth fund or investment of $400,000 in real estate.

Once the relevant financial contribution is made the investor and his or her family are granted nationality and issued internationally reputable passports, giving their bearers freedom of international mobility with visa-free access to 156 countries out of the 199 possible countries in the world.

1. Antigua and Barbuda 

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment grants a second passport to investors who qualify.

The application process has three alternatives, applicants can choose from this includes depositing a minimum of $200,000 into the country’s national development fund, in addition to investing in a local business or buying real estate.

Antigua and Barbuda is an attractive option because of its top rank it is one of the safest Caribbean countries. The nation is made up of 365 islands surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, the scenery is breathtaking and the pace of life can easily be described as relaxed.

Antigua and Barbuda is an ideal location for retirement while trying out sail boating or even Scuba diving as a new hobby.

The cost of living in Antigua is typically 20 percent lower than the majority of North American and European countries.



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