best places for Digital Nomads

If there’s an ideal time to work abroad it’s now, thanks to the thousands of companies asking their employees to work remotely. Countries around the world have dual goals of bringing in tourism revenue lost during the pandemic and opening their doors wider inviting remote workers interested in setting up outside their home town.

Many of these regions are experiencing little to no virus outbreaks as well, making them even more alluring to ex-pats. Working in a different country isn’t a new tactic for many nomads but countries such as Barbados and Georgia have recently loosened their visa restrictions to further attract a new batch of digital nomads.
The best countries for a digital nomad have a few things in common the most important one is fast and reliable internet, low cost of living, cultural attractions, nice weather, and co-working spaces are highly prized.

The best places for Digital Nomads are a fast-changing list but then again we live in fast-changing times. So here are the 10 best places for Digital Nomads.

10. Hungary

Hungary has some of the finest architecture and one of the best public transport networks in Europe, every summer digital nomads flock to this country especially to its capital city Budapest.

The city of Budapest has some of the fastest internets in the world and Wi-Fi is everywhere. Lots of restaurants, shopping malls, and even some parks have free Wi-Fi. You can rent an apartment in a nice part of town for $600 to $1000 per month. You can rent a room in an apartment for around $200 per month.
Public transport is widely available in the city and is a cheap way of getting around the city and as a member state of the European Union Schengen visa rules apply. European citizens can stay in Hungary as a tourist or to work for 90 days out of 180 while citizens from the United States and Canada can stay in Hungary for up to ninety days.

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9. Chile

This country is known for being safe for travelers and digital nomads, it’s thought to be one of the safest countries in South America however as when traveling to any big city keep your wits about you.

best places for Digital Nomads

Most digital nomads in Chile float towards its capital city Santiago, this rambling city is home to around 6 million individuals and is viewed as the hub of South America. There are nomad communities throughout Chile made possible by the fast internet throughout the country. it’s not just the large urban communities offering workplaces to digital nomads even some small far removed towns have co-working hubs

Expect to pay at least dollars $750 for an apartment in one of the nice parts of Santiago and as far as the visa goes Chile gives a 90-day visa which can be extended for a small fee.

8. Czech Republic

With the low cost of living and fast Wi-Fi, the Czech Republic, in general, is a great option for digital nomads, and its capital city Prague has recently become one of the best places for digital nomads thanks to its excellent transport, culture, and international links. The Czech Republic is in the Schengen area of the European union so European nomads won’t need a visa to stay there.

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With moderately low living costs, a lot of nightlife, and delightful engineering, Prague is a rising star in the digital nomad scene and an incredible choice for remote workers looking for culture and workability. the cost of living in Prague has risen somewhat so the average cost of an Airbnb apartment for a month is around $1500 although you can find gorgeous Airbnb rentals for around $1000 if you avoid peak tourist season.

7. Thailand

The low cost of living combined with hot weather have made Thailand a favorite with ex-pats over the last few decades. Digital nomads are now making the same trip and working online from Thailand.

Internet coverage is solid through the vast majority of Thailand, on the off chance that you are situated in one of the large urban communities you can work effectively from quite a few spots. Free Wi-Fi is normal in the majority of the bistros and cafés in the city.

The type of experience you will have in Thailand will depend on the city you choose to reside in, Thailand has something for everyone whatever you want from your stay you’ll be able to find it. The city of Chiang Mai regularly finishes top on the list for having the best digital nomad communities in the world.

6. Taiwan

Taiwan may be one of the potential winners of attracting the new remote workers geographically close to business hubs and boasting affordable costs of living.

Taiwan is suited to be a home base for many white-collar professionals seeking a place to work without breaking the bank. Taiwan is highly urbanized close to 80 percent of the population lives in cities the biggest city of Taiwan is Taipei. It is one of the  best places for Digital Nomads and also the safest, even though it’s a 24-hour city and always on the move accommodation in the city is a bit expensive compared to other living expenses but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s quickly becoming well known between digital nomads and ex-pats.

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5. Estonia

This digital nomad hub offers E-residency making it easy to start your business and feel welcomed. It’s so welcoming that it has plans to be the first country to provide a digital nomad visa, this visa would enable digital nomads to work and travel in Estonia for up to one year and it would also give digital nomads access to the Schengen area, allowing them to travel to other E.U member states for up to 90 days.

Estonia’s capital Talin is becoming more popular in the startup and digital nomad world and it has a big base of tech digital nomads gathering professionals from all over the world, you have free Wi-Fi coverage at most of the places and the cost of living is average.

4. Vietnam

If you are looking for an exotic location for living your digital nomad lifestyle but you travel on a low budget Vietnam with its increasing popularity is a place to go, depending on your preferences you can choose whether you want to experience a big city or live more locally.

It is one of the best places for Digital Nomads, in addition it is affordable. You can rent a high-end apartment for $700 per month. A nice apartment in a safe area of the city can be had for as little as $300 per month. Most apartments are furnished and rental properties are easy to find from the street.
The country also offers a one-year tourist visa that can cost up to $500 once you have paid the agency fee otherwise you can stay for three months.

3. Barbados

 best places for Digital Nomads

Barbados hasn’t always been on the radar for digital nomads but due to the pandemic travel restrictions and the introduction of the Barbados welcome stamp, it’s becoming more of a viable option.

The Barbados welcome stamp is a 12-month visa that costs $200, it takes ten minutes to apply and they offer options for families too. About three thousand people mainly from the U.S, Canada, and the U.K have taken it up so far but many more have arrived to do the same thing on tourist visas lasting up to six months.
The country also has one of the healthiest well-educated populations in the Caribbean.

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2. Indonesia

Indonesia and particularly Bali is not only one the best places for Digital Nomads  but one of the most famous digital nomad destination in the world.

Most cafes and hostels have Wi-Fi but the house and co-working spaces are usually equipped with fiber optic broadband.

 best places for Digital Nomads

Indonesia is one of the most iconic countries for digital nomads, you can rent a luxurious two-bedroom house for under $900 per month, a more basic two-bedroom house will cost around $300 per month. If you aren’t planning on a long stay a 60-day tourist visa is your best bet which costs around $35. Expats looking to stay longer usually go for the remote worker’s visa essentially a six-month visa.

1. Georgia


 best places for Digital Nomads

Home to caucus’s mountain villages, black sea beaches, and a massive cave monastery dating to the 12th century. Georgia is an unlikely European country to participate in these digital nomad programs but since mid-2020 when’s remotely from Georgia program launched, thousands of applicants have sought to relocate themselves to the country.

Digital nomads have to prove they are earning a minimum monthly salary of $1000 and agree to take part in 14-day quarantine in a hotel at their own expense upon entering the region.

It is also a very safe and cheap country for ex-pats a monthly budget of $1000 is enough for a couple to live in Georgia with all basic amenities and internet.


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