Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US

As you near retirement you may be thinking about moving to a place with a low cost of living or more affordable housing to stretch your retirement income. Perhaps you’ve longed for living in a beautiful locale like a seaside city or town close to a hilly landscape with lots of places spots to explore. 

Before you hit the highway towards your dream destination it’s wise to know as much as possible about a city’s real estate market and cost of living. You’ll find a touch of everything on our rundown of the Best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US, from less expensive cities in expensive districts to Midwestern cities where you can purchase a luxury home for less.

Affordable doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone of course so we considered that. Some cities are affordable because the locale where they’re located is very expensive. Other than the affordability, all of these places rank well for their safety median incomes and poverty rates.

So here are the 10 Best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US.

10 Deerfield Beach, Florida 

Best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US

Deerfield is on the southeast bank of Florida around 20 miles north of Miami. With a populace of around 80,000 Deerfield Seashore is a coastline spot with a lot to see and do. Deerfield Seashore island runs along the eastern edge of the city isolated from the mainland by a channel whose various inlets make considerable waterfront in numerous areas. 

Its housing expenses are six percent lower than the national average and the utility prices are one percent lower than the national average. Real Estate prices in the area are also much lower than nearby coastal areas with median home prices around $190,000 to $235,000. Numerous apartment buildings offer carefree living and fluctuating levels of conveniences or you can choose to live in one of the many gated communities in the town or encompassing region.

9 Portland, Maine 

Many towns in the upper east have high costs of living to adjust to their high quality of life however Portland, Maine is among the most affordable. 

Best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US

The waterfront is a major attraction to retired people in Portland, the fishing industry implies a plenitude of fresh seafood and there are sand beaches and lakes close by. 

The retirement community housing choices are generally excellent going from private homes to condominiums, a few retired folks live here for the mid-year and afterward move to a warmer climate. With a median housing price of $280,000, Portland is within reach for many who depend on federal retirement aid for income. 

It pulls a community of retired folks who want to live in a small city in the uncrowded and wonderful territory of Maine.

8 Madison Wisconsin

Madison has always been named one of the best places to retire in America for its affordability, recreational activities, and natural beauty.

Madison, Wisconsin

It is a rapidly growing city with a rich culture that revolves around a keen appreciation of the arts, a vibrant music scene, and locally sourced food.

It’s additionally an entrepreneurial center point that is attracting various tech, biotech, and health startups. Also, the city offers an extraordinary climate for relaxation and entertainment with its picturesque lakes and broad networks of parks and biking trails. The land in the city is somewhat affordable with median home costs around $280,000.

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7 Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota

For retirees who want to live on a waterside but don’t want to relocate to the coasts, Duluth might be just right. The city is located on Lake Superior and boasts a population of about 86,000 people. The city is a most loved travel place for Mid-westerners and an incredible spot to put down roots. Individuals who retiree here enjoy Boating and a lot of outside exercises every season.

In addition to the seemingly endless array of recreational opportunities and gorgeous natural attractions, Duluth offers affordable housing with a median home value of around $210,000 while rent for an average two-bedroom apartment near the lake is around $1000. There are some condo projects in the area including some on the lake which can be way cheaper than houses.

6 El Paso, Texas

El Paso is located in southwestern Texas near the Mexican border. It is ranked 15th out of 186 cities in the Gallup share care index, more specifically the city scored high for sense of purpose, community enjoyment, and good health. 

Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US

El Paso offers bountiful sunny days, gentle winters, and housing costs well below the general average. Working parents in this city acknowledge the low cost of living, child care, and quality of education. Most families tend to settle down in suburbs on the edges of El Paso. Single individuals who prefer the metropolitan life choose the studios downtown and the memorable regions. The city additionally encounters every one of the four seasons and sees around 300 days of daylight every year.

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5 Colorado Springs

Colorado, Springs

Colorado Springs is a great choice for retirees, with its majestic mountains, an abundance of recreational opportunities, and gorgeous weather. 

Initially built as a resort city, the town owes part of its development and history to an enormous gold strike close by. It is consistently named one of the Best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US with regards to taxes, financial opportunity, and health. Despite the fact that housing costs have expanded lately Colorado Springs is more affordable than Denver an hour to the north. 

The median home value in the suburbs of the city is around $310,000 while rent for a three-bedroom house is around $1500 to $3000. The city also offers taxpayers over 55 and older generous tax exclusions on retirement income and doesn’t have an inheritance or estate taxes.

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4 Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana

It is situated at the convergence of three streams. It is the seat of Allen County and the cultural and economic center of northeastern Indiana. The economy is diverse with manufacturing, medical care, retail trade, and finance, the best four enterprises. 

Fort Wayne is one the Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US, for Retired folks who want a large college town with all four seasons, outdoor exercises, and social occasions would enjoy living here. There are beautiful parks, trails, social scenes, libraries, medical services, public transportation, and volunteer opportunities.

The national association of realtors reports the median home price in the city is around $160,000 which is 22 percent lower than the national average. The city is also ranked as one of the most affordable places to raise a family in the US.

3 Tucson, Arizona

Tucson draws a community of retired folks who want to live in a clamoring city in the beautiful state of Arizona. Many are pulled by the extraordinary array of retirement community choices that are available.

Tucson, Arizona

It has been one of the fastest-growing retirement communities in the country for a long time and with good reason, the city has grown by two percent within the last decade and has a diverse population. It offers a combination of ingredients to solve retiree’s problems, it is warm in winter blessed with sunshine almost 300 days per year, has beautiful surroundings and has ample land for development, and celebrates outdoor life due to its climate. 

Tucson is one of best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US and According to the national association of realtors, the median selling price of a home in Tucson is $240,000.

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2 Orlando, Florida

Orlando Florida is a warm city with a lot to offer, from dining and themed restaurants to exploring nature and all its glory. The Orlando area has something for everyone. Since the cost of living is sensible and with extraordinary attractions, Orlando has become a mainstream retirement area.

Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US

The reasonable cost of living in Orlando has led to the development of a large number of senior housing communities. The average median home price in this city is around $300,000 while rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $1200.

1 Huntsville, Alabama

Once a sleepy farming town, Huntsville gained public acknowledgment during the space race of the 1960s and is presently one the fastest developing metro region in Alabama. 

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville is at the top of our list of best Affordable Places to Buy Property and Retire in the US, According to a world report, Huntsville is ranked first as the most affordable city to live or retire in 2021. While the low home prices, taxes, and cost of living are great reasons to move there, Huntsville also hosts a variety of high-tech jobs with many technological companies making the normal pay scale higher than other towns in Alabama and outperforming a significant part of the southeastern area of The U.S.

It is also one of the best places to invest in real estate as the housing market is rapidly rising in this city. Currently, the median home value in this city is around $200,000 while the median rent for a three-bedroom house is around $1000 to $1200.



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  1. I can vouch for Huntsville. My mom recently moved there from Atlanta and she says it’s the best place she’s ever lived. She even has a nice community of seniors to hang out with.


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