Everyone keeps asking what’s the easiest jobs to get in Canada that doesn’t require many qualifications. 

These jobs don’t require any specific skills but rather you need basic skills to get these jobs plus you have to be over the age of 18.

Most people are afraid of moving to a new country because of fear of not getting a job, so I decided to share this to make people a little bit comfortable about coming to Canada.

if you think it’s going to take you a lot of time to find a job in your specific field of study, here are some jobs that you can do with ease if you are new in Canada.

One thing I’m going to say about Canada is that people do not look down on jobs here in Canada, they do not as long as you’re earning an honest income.

I know cleaners who make over $100,000 per year and that is compared to other people who went to school and got a lot of degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs but they’re still making the same amount of money.

Here are the easiest jobs to get in Canada. 

15. Fast-food /Cooks/Dishwasher

When I say dishwasher is like a minion, literally washing dishes and this is basically in restaurants, fast-food, motels or some other settings that require dishwasher. 

Fast-food cashier or being a fast-food cook are some of the easiest jobs to get in Canada without any really special skills required.

It is labor-intensive because you have to be standing for long hours while washing dishes.

Dishwasher and fast-food cooks usually make around $22,000 to $25,000 per year.

Dishwashing is not a long-term career job but if your cool making that much then that’s your choice but if you just looking for something to do to hold you up as you are settling in your new environment that is a good place to start. 

14. Retail sales and cashier 

Retail sales are basically like you’re working in a store such as a clothing store and they pay pretty okay it’s a little bit above the minimum wage and the special skills required is customer service which I think anyone over 18 years old should have acquired already.

customer service and just being able to talk to people, in some they may need your English to be on an okay level, just know how to be fluent in your English especially if you are very friendly because you will be having a lot of interaction with people which is a very good way to practice your English if you’re new in Canada. For cashier, you don’t need to have Cashier experience because a lot of companies train you on how to use their cash register and if you feel like you just want to be ready and prepared, there’s a lot of free organize like free programs offered by Bon profit organization on how to to be a cashier. These organizations train you on how to use the universal cashier machine and the program usually lasts for a week or a month and you get a certificate at the end of the training. 

The sales and cashier jobs make around $17 to $30 per hour, depending on where you are and also what kind of company you’re working for. I think that would be like a good place to set your mind in.

13. Fundraising

Fundraising is one of the easiest jobs to get in Canada and it is available to a lot of people, all you need is been able to interact with people.

Most introverts might find this job annoying because you have to walk on the street outside in places with high traffic of people and you’re asking them to contribute money to the nonprofit organization that you are fundraising for.

Fundraising is a good sales job and I was looking through the job postings for fundraising they make between $17 and $20 per hour. That is good money and it’s not commission based it’s paid per hour. 

The company you are raising funds for will keep track to see how much you’re raising to see if it’s worth paying that much per hour so you have to work hard.

12. Cleaning Jobs

There are so many cleaning jobs in Canada and it’s one of the easiest jobs to get in Canada. 

Cleaning jobs pay depends on where you are cleaning and the company you are working for. People in this line of jobs make between $12 to around $40 per hour, some people make even more if you’re doing cleaning contracts.

You can decide to start a cleaning company which is not that difficult based on my research. 

To get a cleaning job basically, you need to send your resume to the organizations in question. Most times you can call them and just have a conversation and you start right away. 

Cleaning jobs in Canada is a good job to start with, the only issue is the intense labor on your body, so if you cannot handle that, it’s not the best for you. 

They’re different cleaning jobs where you can clean offices, people’s homes, buildings, so just look and see what kind of cleaning you want to do.

There are many many jobs available in this field but if you and can get a cleaning contract and work at one place, it will save you the stress of going to different places all the time.

One advice I have to give you about cleaning jobs is to be careful about the company or establish your work for, one common thing that I’ve seen among new immigrants is people getting cleaning jobs and they don’t get paid for the work they did, so be careful about the cleaning company where you applied for and before you start working there talk to other people already getting or who have worked with that company. 

Make effort to work for slightly bigger cleaning companies because they already have a reputation for them and they don’t want to ruin that.

11. General labor

General labor is any work that doesn’t require any skills or hands on deck. For example is your working as a laborer in a production company, warehouse worker or you’re moving things around that is general paper. Movers make a lot of money usually they make around $15 to $17 per hour of course it’s hard on your body. 

It’s a good job to start with and they make quite okay income for you to be able to hold yourself and save your life in Canada.

General labor is probably not the best long-term jobs since it’s hard on your body.

10. Warehousing laborer 

We can classify this as general labor but there are warehouse jobs where you need to like get a little bit of training like using a forklift and some other things that they use in a warehouse and you tend to get more if you have that kind of certificates. So this kind of warehouse labor requires specific knowledge/skill to an extent. 

Most companies usually offer this training when you join their company and they help you get your forklift certificate and different other tools of use in the warehouse. 

It’s good money for an entry-level position especially a position that does not require any special skills. 

This is a good place to start if you think your English is really bad because you’re not interacting a lot with other people just your coworkers.

Even if your English is not yet good you can still fit in in this work. Some people who don’t even speak English at all get can warehousing jobs, as long as there’s someone else in the company who can understand what you’re saying or if you’re good at reading people’s body language then it’s easy for them you communicate with you. 

This is a good place to start if you just came to Canada, a lot of men start this way but that being said it’s not just a man’s job, I see women doing warehousing jobs as well, but as most of the time as it happens when it’s a labor-intensive job is men tend to do it more than women. 

9. Factory workers

The factory works such as bread, biscuit, and other production company. In the bread company, they have people who mix the dough and put the dough on the machines and everything or make pizza. 

We have so many of these jobs available and these companies are always hiring because they don’t have enough people. 

These companies tend to hire mature people especially mature immigrants who do not have that great English because they feel like you’re going to stay at the company longer because younger people tend to move from job to job all the time and if you speak great English they’re like you’re just doing it for a little amount of time before you find the next best thing. So if you are an older immigrant who doesn’t have the best English and you want to start something all right job before you get comfortable in Canada this is a good place to start.

Their pay starts at around $17 per hour which is great if you’re just starting life in Canada and yes you can live from $17 per hour, you just need to structure your life according to your income.

Most of the factory jobs are also labor-intensive, they might not need you to be doing heavy things but you are standing for long hours most of the time.

8. Restaurant jobs (waiter/waitress/bartender)

In Canada waiter, waitress or bartender are paid the minimum wage by the restaurant. Restaurant workers make the most money from the tips they get which is amazing because most times you end up making two times your salary from tips. 

Restaurant workers make pretty good money, they make the minimum wage as the base salary and extra money from the tips. I’ve had waitresses who are making between 20 and 30 dollars per hour depending on the restaurants.

7. Nanny/caregivers

Nanny are people who take care of children and caregiving jobs are people providing care for children as well as adults, elderly people, or people with disabilities.

They are so many of those jobs around and they usually make between $15 to $30 and per hour depending on your skills and of course the needs of the person that your are taking care of.

One thing to know about the income of nannies and caregivers in Canada is that their income dramatically changes depending on the needs of the person they’re providing care of. 

In Canada, I’ve noticed that it’s mostly done by women but I also usually see some people who are looking for men because maybe there are gentlemen and they prefer if a gentleman was taking care of them.

Nursing jobs in Canada are always looking for men who want to join the industry because they have a lot of women and if you’re a guy then you get a little bit of a leg up so if you want to do it, you should apply for it and don’t feel intimidated by women.

6. Call center jobs 

If you know how to communicate with people or love talking to other people this job is perfect for you. Your duty at a call center job is to attend to people’s needs through the phone, so you will be answering a lot of calls. 

Call center jobs usually pay around $15 to $20 per hour, depending on the kind of call center you are.

It’s a good job and it’s not labor-intensive.

5. Construction Helpers 

Construction helpers are people who help someone who is working on the construction site. You can be helping an electrician or a plumber and you’re there to be their assistant. You don’t necessarily need a certificate for these jobs but I find that sometimes you might need a few certificates like a one-day training program that you might need to work on the construction site. Most construction sites will tell you what you need and you can just go get the training. 

They pay really good money especially for something to just hold you off in Canada. Their pay is usually between $10 to $15 per hour.

4. Courier/Delivery

Courier drivers and food delivery workers make pretty good money depending on how hard you’re working because this is sort of self-employed and you work as many hours or as little hours as you want, so I saw that the average is around $5 to $20 per hour and depending on how much time you are putting in so you can do this by time.

You can do this part-time and have another job or you can do it full-time if you want to.

The good thing about these jobs is that they don’t have interviews you just have to apply and send your driver’s license. if you’re going to apply for this job you need to have a clean driver’s license. one thing that I do tell people who are planning to come to Canada is that driving is a great skill that pays well, before coming to Canada get your driving license. 

Every country offers an international driver’s license, and in Canada, you’re allowed to use it for about a year before you are supposed to go and get another Canadian driving license.

3. Administrative assistant 

Administrative assistant or secretary work, my adding of his job here does not mean that you don’t need education because it depends on where you are working, you may need a lot of schooling to assist someone.

The administrative assistant we are referring to is just entry-level administrative assistant where you just need to have basic computer skills, basic customer service skills, and basic phone skills.

A lot of us have been trained on how to use a computer in school if you are under the age of 35 or 40 years old you should know how to use a computer, so you should be able to do this job.

Women tend to do this job more than men, don’t know why but most companies prefer women to handle this type of job. That doesn’t mean that men cannot apply to these jobs you can apply for this job.

In this job you just need basic computer skills like how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and other kinds of programs that are valuable to the company. 

Administrative assistants usually make between $15 to $30 per hour but then this depends on who you’ll be assisting what you’re doing in the company.

if you’re an admin assistant to the C.E.O of a big company you will be making a lot more money than someone who is just doing a basic entry-level administration.

2. Garbage Truck Drivers

This job is a little specialized since you need a truck driver’s license in Canada and not just a basic driver’s license.

Apart from your regular license, you have to get another one to be able to drive the garbage trucks, but if you come with your regular driver’s license it’s easy to just go and set up a test for you to show them that you can drive the bigger truck and it should be able to get you the license.

Garbage truck drivers make a lot of money, the entry-level salary for garbage truck drivers starts at around $50000 per year, so it’s a good long-term career plan to be honest because if you’re making fifty thousand as an entry-level position and it goes up from there.

1. Truck drivers 

Just like garbage truck drivers you need a truck driver’s license.

Truck drivers make between $50000 and around $100000 depending on where you’re driving and how far the trips are. 

keep in mind that Canada is a pretty big country so if you’re doing long-haul trips, let’s say from BC to Ontario that is a job that is keeping you away from home for a long time so if you have a family it’s something to consider.

Canada is a country with different opportunities, I hope you find something that you can do to sustain your self for the time being. most of these jobs I have listed, anyone can do and they are not very gender-specific. Canada is about pushing the boundaries.


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