Things you should know before Moving to Canada

Canada is one of the sought after country for new immigrants. They are things you need to know as a new immigrant moving to another with a different culture, policy, and way of life in other easily adapt to your new environment.

Here are the 10 things you should know before Moving to Canada and you may have heard some of these before but I still think they’re important enough to go over for the people who haven’t heard them.

1. The High Taxes

Canadian pay high taxes but Can’t be compared to places like Sweden where the income tax is 60% which is crazy but it’s important to know if you’re moving from a country that has a lower income tax you can expect to pay 15 to 40 percent of your income taxes.

To put it into perspective, if you got a job offer for $100,000 per annum, at the end of the year you will be getting $70,000 because in this tax bracket making a hundred thousand dollars, about thirty percent would be taken away which is thirty thousand dollars.

Taxes is one the things you should know before Moving to Canada, So when you are planning your budgeting and expenses make sure to take away an extra amount for your taxes.

2. Languages/Locations

Canada has two official languages namely English and French. If you learned English make sure you’re moving to a place that is primarily English-speaking because it would be unfortunate that after learning English to move to Canada and then you move somewhere that speaks French.

Quebec is the only province in Canada that is primarily French-speaking and Montreal is the capital of Quebec. Most people o talk about them moving to Montreal but they don’t know that Montreal is primarily French-speaking.

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3. The Weather

If you live in Canada it’s kind of a must-do to complain about the weather every once in a while. It’s a very popular conversation on how cold Canada is during winter. Vancouver as opposed to anywhere else in Canada does not snow that much and it does not get that cold.

Before you move to Canada make sure you google what the average summer temperature is for that area and more importantly what the winter temperature is because it’s not uncommon for some places to go below -40 or -50 Celsius in the winter and that’s like the weather where you walk outside you start crying right away not because it’s painful but because it’s so cold that you just start crying and then the tears freeze on your face.

Some of those same places can go up to 40 Celsius in the summer and you can also find places that are neutral much the whole year, it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Depending on what type of weather or temperature you’re into you can do a little bit of research on that.

4. Healthcare

As many people know Canada has free healthcare here but not everything is free. It’s free if you want to go see a doctor for a checkup or about a certain illness but if they prescribe you pills or medicines you have to buy them yourself.

Sometimes the company that you work for will have a benefits plan where they pay for things like your medicine and prescriptions but that’s not for every job so you should ask your employer about their benefits.

Another part of Canada’s health care that is not free is eye care and dental care, your employer may cover if they have good benefits because these two things are pretty expensive.

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5. Tipping

I know tipping in a lot of countries is not expected and it’s just something you do when you had a great time or like exceptional service but in Canada, tipping is normally expected and not on everything. Tipping is normal for things like a taxi driver, a waiter or a waitress, a barber, and a lot of other things and if you don’t tip for these services it’s usually seen as somewhat disrespectful.
Am not telling you guys what to do or like to tip by any means but it is normally expected and most people do it.

6. Open Liquor or Drinking in Public

Drinking in public is illegal in all parts of Canada besides Quebec where you are allowed to drink in a park if you also have a meal with you, which I found out after doing my research.
Drinking in public is literally like no big deal and in so many places but Canada people will not like it and a lot of people don’t care but the cops, they will care of course because it’s against the law.

7. Different Lifestyles

Canada is such a huge place and there are different lifestyles that people can live. if you want to be a cowboy and own a bunch of horses and a pig farm in the middle of nowhere you could do it, or be a stockbroker lifestyle in downtown in the skyscrapers you could also do.

The different lifestyles of Canadian people is one most vital things you should know before Moving to Canada.
Lifestyle in Canada changes so don’t get more extreme with yours.

8. Multiculturalism

Canada consists of people from a multitude of racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

To me this one the most important things you should know before Moving to Canada.
Canadian are welcoming, I read that someone from Toronto did an experiment to see if they could find someone from every single country in the world just on the streets of Toronto and they did.


As I mentioned before Canada is a massive place that means that some places have zero transit because there aren’t enough people in that specific area but in larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver there is enough transit.
If you live in a place where there is no transit you need to buy a car.
If you don’t want to own a car and you don’t want to use transit make sure you move to the right place. You can always search up a city and see what they offer as far as transit goes.

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10. How Nice are Canadians

In general, I would say that Canadian are a nice group of people but just so you understand how nice Canadian people are. They will hold the door for you if you’re close enough and if you drop something on the sidewalk most likely they will help you pick it up.
Overall Canadians are kind and sometimes you will run into people who are rude just like everywhere, but there are more nice people than rude people no doubt.


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